Second Hand Things

Guess what I’m currently checking on my phone…like always? 

My Kijiji phone app.

No. I’m not here to advertise for them. I’m serious. I’m always ALWAYS on Kijiji.  On my phone or on my computer. I’m there. why you ask?

Let me ask you this.

How are you getting all this money to buy all this new stuff?

Why not look at another persons “junk” and make it your “treasure”?

I mean I can get something almost new for a better price don’t you think?

I know YOU reading this right now – ya you – you’ve gone on Kijiji or craiglist or even went for a Saturday stroll to a garage sale.

Hand me downs from someone else, maybe even furniture given to you for free.

yah. That’s the same thing bud. Going to buy something for $20 that’s been used is rhetorically sammmmmmmmmme thing. Sorry to burst your bubble.

I’ve even taught my daughter, who is now 10, that it doesn’t matter what you get.

The brand doesn’t matter. The price doesn’t matter. As long as you have that something you’re fine. 

I tell her all the time, “Don’t ever think you have to have all the brand stuff just to make something out of yourself.”

No doesn’t mean I’m gonna buy all the stuff off Kijiji or second hand stuff. Just teaching her that don’t be ashamed of second hand or non-branded things.

Just turns me off when all I see are kids these days that whine and cry and bit*h ( pardon my language)about, “oh mom but I wanted the newest one that everyone is wearing!! Dad I wanted blah blah blah.”

Don’t get me wrong I would love to buy my kids the best things in the world, but I would rather give them the true meaning of self esteem, confidence and happiness.

This mom is out! oh yah 😉


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