Hello :)

Welcome, welcome!

Thank you for browsing my blog. As you all can see, I have not yet begun to make this site one bit interesting (I’m slowly getting there). With all this mumbo-jumbo blog stuff, I’m getting all mixed up with what to do and what not to do. It’s all trail and error (Please someone …..HeLp :S)

I am a “ahem” sane Mom of 2 amazing girls. With a brain that has capsized to its greatest capacity with infinite ideas from social media. Things I’ve seen that I’ve wanted to try out but never push to try. Hence the blogging LOL. This is also a page where I can share EVERYTHING….well, almost everything. Kind of like be my psychiatrist but for free lol so lets give this a whirl and see what happens….dun dun dun.

Anywho, please feel free to browse this “so-called” site and see what you may want to like, comment or share with others. I know I’m bound to get you to liking me *ahem* my site
You can call me Emmy.

So for now…toodles.
This moms cap’d out

(Disclaimer: Any pictures that aren’t mine are stated and are always re-directed/linked to the original owners/pages/posts. I have tagged each photo that does belong to me with ‘MiniMOMLifeCapacity.wordpress.com” on them)

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