Make That Extra Spicy Please

Ever since I can remember I’ve liked spicy foods. My parents would make anything spicy…ok well NOT EVERYTHING. But what I remember most were the chicken wings and escargot. Yep, you read that right. ESGARGOT. It’s not too bad actually and the way my parents made it, it was delish.

I don’t know what it is but I must have some kind of spicy sauce on my everything – except the obvious my sweets. The main hot sauce that I use is the asian kind called, “Sriracha Sauce.” This can be found mostly in asian markets but now widely available in American stores such as Wal-Mart, Loblaws and Sobeys for example. It’s not that the food that I cook or order are bland – it just lets say…”kicks it up a notch.”

I know many people who can’t handle spicy foods and it’s just insane to me.

“Here, want some wings?” I ask

“Yea,  sure. What flavor is it?” so and so asks in return

“It’s mild. It’s not even spicy” I say

They taste it……

OH MAH GAWD!!!!!! It’s beeeeeeeeeppppppppp (insert unlimited fowl language here) SpIcY.!!!!!! Get me WAAAAATTTTTAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  

As they run around scratching their taste buds on every single thing like a banana, while I look on thinking…. What the hell man, this isn’t even spicy at all. It’s like flavor of nothing.

 Another thing, When I go to restaurants to eat. So, I say to the waiter…

“Hi, I wanted to know how spicy this dish is?’ I ask

“Oh. That’s pretty spicy.” The waiter confidently says

I get the dish…..What the hell! Now I know what “Pretty” before saying spicy means. Means it looks pretty but not spicy and it’s plain – get your own sauce on the side meaning.

When I order take out for wings…

“So, how spicy is the suicide?” I ask

“Oman….It’s REALLY REALLY spicy!!!!” The person taking my order says in fear

I pay my order and take it home…..I take a bite and…..what the hell. It’s like  SUPER MILD!!!!! Now I know what “REALLY, REALLY SPICY” means sweet and sour.

I’ve learned that I the word “spicy” is a term taken too far even when it’s not and if I want “real spicy” to ask for “FRIGGING SUPER HELLISH EXTRA SPICY!”

Maybe I just have a super pallet where I require more enhancements in my foods

or maybe my palate is just fried……..

Let me know if you can handle spicy or not in the comments down below  😉

Cap’d out,




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