Awesome Instagram DIY Projects

Everyone by now must have Instagram and use it on a regular basis from snapping memories of you loved ones or a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

Here are some of my own favorite Instagram photos…


Recently Updated

But what happens after you snap that picture and post it? What do you do?

Now if you’re like me where you’re a very, VERY sentimental person and want to cherish everything – here are some clever ideas that I came across and wanted to share them with you. I would love to do these as well…hopefully soon.

Here are some that I found cute and interesting. I’ve also posted their website so you can check them out and follow their step by step instructions.



Instagram Coasters (Little Miss Mama) 

These are super cute! These are great presents to yourself and to others


Instagram Wall (A Beautiful Mess)

Now this is pretty neat! She shows how to line it up and make it look perfect 🙂


photo 5

Instagram Photostrips (CollegePrepster on BlogHer) 

I love photo booths and these are homemade. Who wouldn’t want to do these


Instagram Mini Canvases (WhimseyBox)

Canvases are always nice to have as home decor now you can personalize it and have it as your office desk decor

instagram magnet diy title

Instagram Magnets (SecondHand Sundays)

You can freshen up your fridge any way you please. No more dull magnets!!

If you have any cool ideas, I’d love to hear about them 🙂



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