DIY – Summer Fashion

Summer is around the corner but fashion has already started…like since Christmas.  I love how there are so many new trends from head to toe – chiffon, bright-colored skinny jeans, prints, boyfriend tees etc.

But what about making your own fashion?  Check out some pretty neat DIY fashion from your old wardrobe

(click on the links to find more on how to make them yourself)

denim workshirt cut-out diy

You can make your denim work shirts stylish and sexy (Denim Therapy)


An old shirt can be transformed into a pretty sleeveless top with a cute collar (

love patch

Do you have a hole in your favorite sweater? Perfect project  turn it into a love patch! (pierogipicnic)

And turning any pants back pocket into lace (Heidi-and-seek)

These are a few that I’ve seen as DIYs on your something old to turn into something new.

Hope I gave you some ideas. I hope to see some of your DIY projects 🙂

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