If Only I Was A Kid Again

The days were so long. The hours were excruciatingly slow…the summers seemed like it would never end and school was a drag.

I would give anything to go back to being a kid.

As a kid we always said, ” I can’t wait to be big!!”

But if only we knew what came with being a grown up…..








I look back and wish I was still that kid that ran around in the back yard with no worries in the world. I can still remember the sun set as I played with my siblings until dark, nothing to worry about but what to play the next day. Slept like a baby without stressing about anything.

Now as an adult….everything is rushed. You rush out of bed, rush through breakfast, rush out the door, rush down the highway to work and rush back home and rush, rush, rush. No more time to do anything freely. You’re too pre-occupied about work and how to pay the next bill and to set food on the table.

Oh how I wish I can be 10 again….I wouldn’t be wishing to be so grown now that I know what it really is like to be a grown up.

I now find myself telling my daughter…don’t ever wish to grow up too quickly. Enjoy where you are right now because once you’ve grown….there is no turning back.

Only if…

cap’d out….emmy

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