DIY – Wrap Around Bracelet

Level – Very Easy
Time Duration – 30 minutes



11 Gold Noodles (30mm)
1 Gold button
White Chinese knotting cord (however long you want it)

1. Thread the button and double knot it. Make sure it’s really tight and secure.


2. Start threading those noodles. Also, what I did was put a knot in between each noodle, so they stay in place. Make sure you make it tight so it isnt too visible but not too tight where the noodle will slip through. Put a good space in between each noodle.


3. Now that all your noodles are in place they should look something like that last picture (4th picture, bottom right corner, above)

Now to finish it off, just do a simple loop knot and burn off the ends to seal it. This will prevent the Chinese knotting cord from fraying.


and voila! You are done. Pair it up with a bunch of other simple bracelets and you’re set!


Hope this was a simple tutorial and remember you can always make more in different colored Chinese knotting cords and pair them altogether to make it really pretty!

cap’d out….Em šŸ˜‰

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