Wedding Dress Dilemma

I’m currently de-cluttering and organizing my things trying to make my space more…what’s the word…appealing. When I came across my wedding dress. Now here is where you come in…should I sell my wedding dress?

I mean it IS every girls dream to have the dress on their wedding day but what becomes of it afterwards? It’s only been 1 year and a half since my wedding…is it because it’s too soon?


I have thought about keeping it for my daughter(s) so when they get married they can…wear it too? I mean they would happily wear it…no?


My oldest daughter  (who is only a mere 10 years old) had the longest face when I said to her I was planning on selling it. I explained to her that when she grew up I know that she would most likely want to get her own dress. But I don’t know, it took a convincing to get her to understand that because all she kept saying was…

“But I’ll be getting a dress for free!”

(I think I’ve taught my child how to think about spending her money very well – hence her saying “free”)


Now that I’ve convinced her that i’m going to sell the dress…how do I convince myself?

* I have a whole lot of pictures of my dress

* I don’t believe I would wear it again….?

* I know it’ll just sit in the box forever

* I’ll be taking a chance with any of my daughters if they will even wear it 20 years down the road

* If I do decide to keep it and then finally say, “ok, I’ll sell it on kijiji/craigslist” Then I’ll be like those women who has a picture of their dress, it looks like it’s so out of date/style and it completely looks like it belongs in a different era


At the same time I can’t even figure out why I want to keep it…but I can’t let it go.

Do any of you feel the same way?


What do you think….should I or shouldn’t I sell the dress?

PLEASE VOTE BELOW on  whether you think I should or shouldn’t sell my dress. I would love to hear everyone’s opinion. Let’s get the polls rolling and we’ll see if you’ve helped me make a decision. This should be fun!

Cap’d out…emmy


2 responses to “Wedding Dress Dilemma

  1. Gorgeous dress and your pictures are beautiful. I would keep it..I still have my communion dress from primary school, can’t bring my self to give it away. I suppose I’m a bit of a clothes hoarder lol x

    • Thank you. It really is a beautiful dress…And I agree…it’s hard to let it go. I guess maybe I can hold on to it for now and see down the road. Thanks for dropping by

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