DIY – Cheap Nail Polish Storage Ideas

I’ve only started collecting nail polish and have about…hmmm 30 polishes and I am running out of space. So, I researched on a couple of diy and came out with these pretty easy and affordable diys.

Dot It! (<— click for source)

This is a brilliant idea! If you don’t have the funds to buy an acrylic display case this is the simplest way to do it.

Spice Rack It! (<– click to source)

This mom found a cheap way to make a rack and it’s cute as well. $3.99 and only at Ikea and who doesn’t want cheap hot dogs while you’re shopping!

Make It!! (click to source)

This person made it herself with a couple pieces of wood, nails and a little bit of paint

Cardboard It!! (<–click to source)

This is made out of cardboard so get your cutting and measuring ready!

Make It Huge!! (<–click on source)

This is huge!!!! This is 1.8m high and 1.4m wide and can fit 510 nail polishes – so if you have that many this is perfect for you 🙂

nail polish rack by LadyE

On a final note….this is insane!!!!!!!! wow!!!:) (<–click on source)

cap’d out …em

4 responses to “DIY – Cheap Nail Polish Storage Ideas

  1. Some people just have too many nail polishes;)
    This is a great post, some lovely ideas:)
    ~Loll x

  2. Great little trick on how to put the colour on the cap (in the first tutorial)

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