DIY – Beer Bottle Caps

Usually I find beer caps laying around here and there and throw them out, but last night I wondered….what a waste, I’m sure you can do something with these. So, here I am on google – searching away on different ways on how to salvage bottle caps. I would love to try some of these…that’s when I collect enough. Maybe I should buy my husband beer everyday in all kinds 😉

Make Your Flag <– (click on source)

This is great!!! To design your flag in the most creative way is pretty neat. But the flag that has all those little details may be just a tad difficult. Worth the challenge no?

Wear It <– (click on source)

If you love a certain brand why not flaunt it and wear it? This one is cool – Duff Beer from the Simpsons 🙂

bottle cap magnets DIY

Mini Scrap It <– (click on source)

This is genius! It’s like scrapbooking but Mini scrap Capping…LOL. This is adorable. It can be fridge magnets too!!

More Magnets <– (click on source)

I love how the words on the cap come from another source. You can use old magazines, books or anything with words all because of Modge Podge. That does wonders for any crafts in mind.

Beer Cap Candles <– (click on source)

Now this is a very simple diy. Cute mini candles!! Now you can customize them yourself 🙂

Man Cave Coasters <–(click on source)

Now this is my absolute favorite! Man cave coasters for you husband!!! Great Fathers Day gift, Christmas or birthdays!

On a final note……You guys better start buying beer and chugging it down quick to collect all those beer caps :0)

Cap’d Out..Emmy

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