55 Million Dollars!

YA WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!

no…..unfortunately I’m not giving away 55 million dollars!! lol. no…its the jackpot for this Saturday Lotto 6/49 prize in Ontario! Its said that this is the biggest jackpot in the history of Lotto here in Canada…Oman!



Can you imagine the possibilities???

There would be no more “impossibles” it would be just when can we go? or when can we do it?

But what would be the first thing I’d do?

At first I thought…I’d pay my bills off. But, what the hell! Why would I spend my first dollars on paying the government and banks when I can spend on myself and my family? so heck yea they can wait!!!

First things first…Take my family on a trip!  We’re going to travel the world no matter how long it takes…

(hmm maybe I would have to pay the bills..next thigs you know we come back to no home. On second thought – I have 55 million dollars…I am going to buy myself a new house. Bwahahahh)

2. I’d take everyone shopping! The mall all to ourselves. Oh man….the things I can buy without a budget! (I’m ready to faint)

3. Buy land and build my own neighbourhood for my family and I. That would be so cool!

4. Now to serious stuff….help the hungry, needy and poor. They said  we have enough food in the world to end starvation. I would make that happen.

who knows…..whoever this person(s) is that wins this Saturday….LUCKY!!!!!

But until then I’ll keep dreaming…….

what would you do if you won the lotto?

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