Golden One Way Ticket To Mars


Home Sweet Home

Yep! You read right!

So, there I read a news article about how a Dutch Company, Mars One, is offering a one way ticket to Mars!

Now is your chance to fly to the desert planet…and never come back. This is a one way trip because there is no current technology for a trip back to Earth from Mars.

They are holding applications for people for the first landing in 2023 and every two years after that.

Quick Facts

– Must be 18 – 40 years old

– Good physical condition

– 7 years of training

– 7 months to travel

– Departing in 2022 and arriving 2032

– The trip will be broadcaster online for 4 billion people to stream

– They will be sending 2 males and 2 females each trip

– There will be “housing” that will be built by a robot

– Will be required to try and have a baby

– A similar way to Skype will be made to communicate back to Earth

– exercise equipment, tv and other forms of technology will be supplied

– Food will consist of dried and canned food

– urine will be recycled for water

– Application fee to go towards the $6 billion funding


Ok…..I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit freaked out.  The thought of sending me to space in a unknown planet and being told you’ll never go back…is like being banished from home.

How on Earth will a baby survive?

And to bring a baby into the world where he has no decision of where he’s living? I mean on Mars. Bad enough on Earth but Mars?

They’ve said that they already received over 10,000 emails from interested applications.

I guess we shall see in ten years if this will actually happen.

What are your thoughts?

Are you willing to go?



If you are interested in Reading more click on the links below:

National Post



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