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Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015

My Reflection of 2014

The year 2014 for me started off ok. It wasn’t the greatest but it also wasn’t the worst. I had my job, my health and my family. I had somewhere to come home to, a bed to sleep on and food to eat. I am grateful for what I have had in 2014.

I am here to welcome the new year – 2015, for more bigger and greater things for me, my family and to you all.  Even though you didn’t get the things you want or achieve the things you needed to in 2014…be grateful.

Grateful for:

everyday you wake

every breath you take

being alive and healthy

having a job

having a place to call home

having your family and friends

being loved

Even if you don’t have all of these…be grateful you at least have some of them. Because someone out there doesn’t have any of them.

Be safe. Live life. Be thankful.

Happy New Year everyone,

– EM

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Where Have I Been?

Oh my Goodness!!

What did I say on one of my last posts? That I was back and going to make it a habit to blog regularly. Andddd….then I disappear.

Life caught up I guess. Again.

Blogging is such a time-consuming hobby. You have to make the time. The effort. The passion to make this blog thing work. I learnt that.

It isn’t easy to instantly become a blogger. Gain the audience. And become an internet sensation. It takes a lot of dedication. A lot of time. A lot of everything.

And I’m proof that it can’t work unless you make the time.

What are your schedules on when to blog?

Hahahah…for me it’s once a year apparently. Then I have those spur of the moments when I’m like…..hmmm I should check my blog out and see how that’s going.

I’m such a lost blogger.

For some it’s so easy to find new things to talk about…for me my life takes me away from that. Don’t get me wrong. I have so much happening right now. But when it comes to even writing in my daily journal…it takes me a week to sit down and write down what happened that past week.

So…..Christmas is just around the corner. Wow!!!! I guess you’ll be hearing from me next Christmas again lol.

I hope you all have your shopping and wrapping done because if you haven’t….you are screwed! ;p just kidding.

Alright everyone….I am so going to try this time to tune in at least once a week.

Let’s see if I can make this happen the third time around!!

Cap’d Out…Emmy


To Chop or Not To Chop? That Is The Question.

So…I’ve contemplating if I should cut my hair. Mind you it’s getting pretty long…like bum long. Lol. I do love styling it but I’ve always wondered if I can pull off a short hair cut.

Can I get your opinion?





What do you think?


OPI- Malaysian Mist


My nailpolish of the day is OPI – Malaysian Mist

Collection – Permanent color of OPI

Description -opaque after 3 good coats, creamy, pinkish nude




It’s Friday!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

cap’d out…em