Golden One Way Ticket To Mars


Home Sweet Home

Yep! You read right!

So, there I read a news article about how a Dutch Company, Mars One, is offering a one way ticket to Mars!

Now is your chance to fly to the desert planet…and never come back. This is a one way trip because there is no current technology for a trip back to Earth from Mars.

They are holding applications for people for the first landing in 2023 and every two years after that.

Quick Facts

– Must be 18 – 40 years old

– Good physical condition

– 7 years of training

– 7 months to travel

– Departing in 2022 and arriving 2032

– The trip will be broadcaster online for 4 billion people to stream

– They will be sending 2 males and 2 females each trip

– There will be “housing” that will be built by a robot

– Will be required to try and have a baby

– A similar way to Skype will be made to communicate back to Earth

– exercise equipment, tv and other forms of technology will be supplied

– Food will consist of dried and canned food

– urine will be recycled for water

– Application fee to go towards the $6 billion funding


Ok…..I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit freaked out.  The thought of sending me to space in a unknown planet and being told you’ll never go back…is like being banished from home.

How on Earth will a baby survive?

And to bring a baby into the world where he has no decision of where he’s living? I mean on Mars. Bad enough on Earth but Mars?

They’ve said that they already received over 10,000 emails from interested applications.

I guess we shall see in ten years if this will actually happen.

What are your thoughts?

Are you willing to go?



If you are interested in Reading more click on the links below:

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OPI – Princesses Rule!

My apologies – I haven’t posted anything for a couple days. It been quite hectic with the whole household down with a flu….argh!!!

here’s a quick post….


Brand – OPI Princesses Rule!

Description – Translucent on First coat, opaque after the second and third, sparkle pink



The following pictures I have on my

RING FINGER – Two coats
MIDDLE FINGER – Three coats



As I almost always finish it off with my OPI – Crown Me already





Live Life


enough said….  Happy Wednesday 🙂

Essie – Penny Talk


Brand: Essie

Name: Penny Talks

Collection: Mirror Metallic

Description: Opaque, good with one coat better with two, shiny, reminds me of a rose gold color, suttle and pretty






55 Million Dollars!

YA WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!

no…..unfortunately I’m not giving away 55 million dollars!! lol. no…its the jackpot for this Saturday Lotto 6/49 prize in Ontario! Its said that this is the biggest jackpot in the history of Lotto here in Canada…Oman!



Can you imagine the possibilities???

There would be no more “impossibles” it would be just when can we go? or when can we do it?

But what would be the first thing I’d do?

At first I thought…I’d pay my bills off. But, what the hell! Why would I spend my first dollars on paying the government and banks when I can spend on myself and my family? so heck yea they can wait!!!

First things first…Take my family on a trip!  We’re going to travel the world no matter how long it takes…

(hmm maybe I would have to pay the thigs you know we come back to no home. On second thought – I have 55 million dollars…I am going to buy myself a new house. Bwahahahh)

2. I’d take everyone shopping! The mall all to ourselves. Oh man….the things I can buy without a budget! (I’m ready to faint)

3. Buy land and build my own neighbourhood for my family and I. That would be so cool!

4. Now to serious stuff….help the hungry, needy and poor. They said  we have enough food in the world to end starvation. I would make that happen.

who knows…..whoever this person(s) is that wins this Saturday….LUCKY!!!!!

But until then I’ll keep dreaming…….

what would you do if you won the lotto?

DIY – Beer Bottle Caps

Usually I find beer caps laying around here and there and throw them out, but last night I wondered….what a waste, I’m sure you can do something with these. So, here I am on google – searching away on different ways on how to salvage bottle caps. I would love to try some of these…that’s when I collect enough. Maybe I should buy my husband beer everyday in all kinds 😉

Make Your Flag <– (click on source)

This is great!!! To design your flag in the most creative way is pretty neat. But the flag that has all those little details may be just a tad difficult. Worth the challenge no?

Wear It <– (click on source)

If you love a certain brand why not flaunt it and wear it? This one is cool – Duff Beer from the Simpsons 🙂

bottle cap magnets DIY

Mini Scrap It <– (click on source)

This is genius! It’s like scrapbooking but Mini scrap Capping…LOL. This is adorable. It can be fridge magnets too!!

More Magnets <– (click on source)

I love how the words on the cap come from another source. You can use old magazines, books or anything with words all because of Modge Podge. That does wonders for any crafts in mind.

Beer Cap Candles <– (click on source)

Now this is a very simple diy. Cute mini candles!! Now you can customize them yourself 🙂

Man Cave Coasters <–(click on source)

Now this is my absolute favorite! Man cave coasters for you husband!!! Great Fathers Day gift, Christmas or birthdays!

On a final note……You guys better start buying beer and chugging it down quick to collect all those beer caps :0)

Cap’d Out..Emmy

Mash Up – OPI & Essie

I love when I do a mash Up especially wit glitter! 

I called this my “Blue Silverdipped tips.”


Brand: OPI – Miss Universe Summer Collection 2011

Name: Crown Me Already

Description: Small glitter with larger sized glitter, clear coat


Brand: Essie – Mirrored Metallic Collection

Name: Blue Rhapsody

Description: One coat, opaque, soft blue



First apply one or two coats of Essie – Blue Rhapsody



Then let dry and add OPI – Crown Me Already

Now since this is part of a collection and may not be available anymore, you can use other glitter nailpolishes and do the same effect 🙂


Hope you liked this one 🙂

Cap’d Out…Emmy

Essie – Butler Please


Name: Butler please

Collection: 2012 winter collection Leading Lady

Description: 2 coats, opaque, ocean blue

DIY – Cheap Nail Polish Storage Ideas

I’ve only started collecting nail polish and have about…hmmm 30 polishes and I am running out of space. So, I researched on a couple of diy and came out with these pretty easy and affordable diys.

Dot It! (<— click for source)

This is a brilliant idea! If you don’t have the funds to buy an acrylic display case this is the simplest way to do it.

Spice Rack It! (<– click to source)

This mom found a cheap way to make a rack and it’s cute as well. $3.99 and only at Ikea and who doesn’t want cheap hot dogs while you’re shopping!

Make It!! (click to source)

This person made it herself with a couple pieces of wood, nails and a little bit of paint

Cardboard It!! (<–click to source)

This is made out of cardboard so get your cutting and measuring ready!

Make It Huge!! (<–click on source)

This is huge!!!! This is 1.8m high and 1.4m wide and can fit 510 nail polishes – so if you have that many this is perfect for you 🙂

nail polish rack by LadyE

On a final note….this is insane!!!!!!!! wow!!!:) (<–click on source)

cap’d out …em

ESSIE – Nothing Else Metals


Collection – Essie Mirror Metallic

Name – Nothing Else Metals

Description – Lavender, Super shiny, opaque on first coat