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Where Have I Been?

Oh my Goodness!!

What did I say on one of my last posts? That I was back and going to make it a habit to blog regularly. Andddd….then I disappear.

Life caught up I guess. Again.

Blogging is such a time-consuming hobby. You have to make the time. The effort. The passion to make this blog thing work. I learnt that.

It isn’t easy to instantly become a blogger. Gain the audience. And become an internet sensation. It takes a lot of dedication. A lot of time. A lot of everything.

And I’m proof that it can’t work unless you make the time.

What are your schedules on when to blog?

Hahahah…for me it’s once a year apparently. Then I have those spur of the moments when I’m like…..hmmm I should check my blog out and see how that’s going.

I’m such a lost blogger.

For some it’s so easy to find new things to talk about…for me my life takes me away from that. Don’t get me wrong. I have so much happening right now. But when it comes to even writing in my daily journal…it takes me a week to sit down and write down what happened that past week.

So…..Christmas is just around the corner. Wow!!!! I guess you’ll be hearing from me next Christmas again lol.

I hope you all have your shopping and wrapping done because if you haven’t….you are screwed! ;p just kidding.

Alright everyone….I am so going to try this time to tune in at least once a week.

Let’s see if I can make this happen the third time around!!

Cap’d Out…Emmy



Life Stages of A Blogger

Now the way I see it Blogging is like school. How so you ask?

We finish elementary school with the English knowledge of what we have learnt for 8 years and graduate to the sparkly, shiny and new environment called, “highschool” where we apply what we know and get criticized/ marked for it.

That’s where Blogging is like school. You have a bunch of fellow Bloggers all up in your writing and like or dislike what you share with them.

Now you have the three types of Bloggers…let us count the three…

1. FRESHIE BLOG GEEK – Now this is me! Freshies both as a student and as a Blogger you either feel or think like this:

  • New and Extreme excitement
  • High expectations
  • Believe this is going to be SO EASY
  • Constantly checking your blog  
  • Yelling, ” YESSSSSS!!!! Another LIKE!!!! wooOoHooOooOOOooOOo!!!”
  • Get  your geek on when you get a new follower *woot woot*
  • Signing up for every social site just to feel productive and important
  • Feeling frustrated when nothing makes sense on WordPress
  • Getting annoyed that this isn’t as easy as it seems
  • Surfing YouTube and Google for every possible tutorial

OH MY GEEBIES  …the list can go on and on.



This is where you are like a 10th grader. 

  • You are now one of them
  • You fit
  • You belong
  • You are no longer a Freshie
  • An intermediate when it comes to blogging
  • No longer at the bottom of the food – ahem – “blog” chain
  • Blogging like a crazy freak
  • Clicking on everything without a doubt
  • You’re like so popular – kind of the group in mean girls
  • You feel like you can finally walk around with your head up high – not looking like a dumb********* (insert word)

I’m not here yet but this is what I foresee in my blogging future


* Orchestra Intro * the clouds part and the sun shines through…..

When you are now a 12th grader.

  • Your head is now way, way, WAY up there
  • Top of the Blog chain
  • Everyone hails you
  • Everyone wants to become you
  • In comparison to Highschool – you’re the one to follow
  • ONE WORD on your blog would get a million likes

I’m hoping I’ll be here in the…somewhere future *wah wah wah*

All in all  – everyone started at the bottom of the Blog chain and I’m slowly fighting……working…WORKING my way up.

If you’re a Freshie, then be a Freshie with me.

We’ll get shoved against the lockers, pimple-faced and all geeked up. We’re all in this together. Let’s go Freshie Blog Geeks!!!

Sincerely Cap’d Out,