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Christmas Nails


Got my nails did. Well…I did it. -_-

OPI – In My Santa Suit
OPI – Crown Me Already

Isn’t it the cutest??

What do your nails look like for this holiday season?


Where Have I Been?

Oh my Goodness!!

What did I say on one of my last posts? That I was back and going to make it a habit to blog regularly. Andddd….then I disappear.

Life caught up I guess. Again.

Blogging is such a time-consuming hobby. You have to make the time. The effort. The passion to make this blog thing work. I learnt that.

It isn’t easy to instantly become a blogger. Gain the audience. And become an internet sensation. It takes a lot of dedication. A lot of time. A lot of everything.

And I’m proof that it can’t work unless you make the time.

What are your schedules on when to blog?

Hahahah…for me it’s once a year apparently. Then I have those spur of the moments when I’m like…..hmmm I should check my blog out and see how that’s going.

I’m such a lost blogger.

For some it’s so easy to find new things to talk about…for me my life takes me away from that. Don’t get me wrong. I have so much happening right now. But when it comes to even writing in my daily journal…it takes me a week to sit down and write down what happened that past week.

So…..Christmas is just around the corner. Wow!!!! I guess you’ll be hearing from me next Christmas again lol.

I hope you all have your shopping and wrapping done because if you haven’t….you are screwed! ;p just kidding.

Alright everyone….I am so going to try this time to tune in at least once a week.

Let’s see if I can make this happen the third time around!!

Cap’d Out…Emmy