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Tree Hugger?

Running water.

Lights continuously on.

Wasted food.

Plastic water bottles.

This was the life growing up. Now, as I get older and realize all these “annoying” habits, I put it upon myself to teach  my kids before they realize it when they are older.

I notice in the household the following things:

* Individuals pouring a cup full of water and dumping half because they can’t finish it

* 3-4 rolls of toilet paper gone in one day – yea one day!

* While washing up or brushing their teeth, water was on high blast even though it wasn’t being used

* Lights are on when the sun is up, or when no one is in the room

* Electronics are kept on even though someone is asleep or out of the room

* Paper towels are used up in a matter of hours because of over-using, instead of taking one at a time.

These are only a few habits that are not green that I’ve noticed around the household. Now 1 person in a house full of other individuals cannot change everyone’s bad habits. That is why, the nagging happens. I, for one, hate the thought of being nagged at or be the nagger but to what extent do you just stand by and watch something so careless happen?

We send our children to school to educate them to “reuse, reduce and recycle,” but come home to a place where everything is taken advantage of?

I made it a personal issue where I started teaching my then 4-year-old daughter to simply pay attention to what she does for the environment.

* Finish your food – many people out in the third world countries even in our own town lack the food that we have. You mustn’t take advantage of what we have today what we may not have tomorrow

* Don’t fill your cup too much – only get enough water to drink and refill if you need more. IF you cannot finish your water, give it to the plants.

* Do not take too much toilet paper – It may seem like it’s not enough but it is more than enough, plus the cost of toilet paper is crazy

* Lights off – Enjoy the sunlight in your room when you can – she only stays for period of time. If you leave the room, turn it off, no one is there to need it.

* Water off – Think of the water that goes down the drain while you look at yourself in the mirror…It saddens me that we take advantage of what others don’t have.

* Any electronics off when you’re done – Even though we are more fortunate to have these electronics, when not playing turn it off. The electric bill does go a long way.

Now I don’t know if a lot of these adjustments have made a difference in the hydro/electric bill, but I do know one thing….I’m raising my kids to know how to be green everyday.

I’ve seen many individuals who went and took the step into making their own solutions like: diy solar systems , turning their cars into electric ones  , building their own solar water heater and getting energy source from phone lines

I’d love to get solar panels, electric cars and all that….but an average person like me can’t afford all that. So the littlest things, I hope *crosses fingers* will help our world.

Call me a tree hugger, but I think one person doing a little thing like this goes a long way 🙂


DIY – Beer Bottle Caps

Usually I find beer caps laying around here and there and throw them out, but last night I wondered….what a waste, I’m sure you can do something with these. So, here I am on google – searching away on different ways on how to salvage bottle caps. I would love to try some of these…that’s when I collect enough. Maybe I should buy my husband beer everyday in all kinds 😉

Make Your Flag <– (click on source)

This is great!!! To design your flag in the most creative way is pretty neat. But the flag that has all those little details may be just a tad difficult. Worth the challenge no?

Wear It <– (click on source)

If you love a certain brand why not flaunt it and wear it? This one is cool – Duff Beer from the Simpsons 🙂

bottle cap magnets DIY

Mini Scrap It <– (click on source)

This is genius! It’s like scrapbooking but Mini scrap Capping…LOL. This is adorable. It can be fridge magnets too!!

More Magnets <– (click on source)

I love how the words on the cap come from another source. You can use old magazines, books or anything with words all because of Modge Podge. That does wonders for any crafts in mind.

Beer Cap Candles <– (click on source)

Now this is a very simple diy. Cute mini candles!! Now you can customize them yourself 🙂

Man Cave Coasters <–(click on source)

Now this is my absolute favorite! Man cave coasters for you husband!!! Great Fathers Day gift, Christmas or birthdays!

On a final note……You guys better start buying beer and chugging it down quick to collect all those beer caps :0)

Cap’d Out..Emmy

DIY – Cheap Nail Polish Storage Ideas

I’ve only started collecting nail polish and have about…hmmm 30 polishes and I am running out of space. So, I researched on a couple of diy and came out with these pretty easy and affordable diys.

Dot It! (<— click for source)

This is a brilliant idea! If you don’t have the funds to buy an acrylic display case this is the simplest way to do it.

Spice Rack It! (<– click to source)

This mom found a cheap way to make a rack and it’s cute as well. $3.99 and only at Ikea and who doesn’t want cheap hot dogs while you’re shopping!

Make It!! (click to source)

This person made it herself with a couple pieces of wood, nails and a little bit of paint

Cardboard It!! (<–click to source)

This is made out of cardboard so get your cutting and measuring ready!

Make It Huge!! (<–click on source)

This is huge!!!! This is 1.8m high and 1.4m wide and can fit 510 nail polishes – so if you have that many this is perfect for you 🙂

nail polish rack by LadyE

On a final note….this is insane!!!!!!!! wow!!!:) (<–click on source)

cap’d out …em

DIY – Wrap Around Bracelet

Level – Very Easy
Time Duration – 30 minutes



11 Gold Noodles (30mm)
1 Gold button
White Chinese knotting cord (however long you want it)

1. Thread the button and double knot it. Make sure it’s really tight and secure.


2. Start threading those noodles. Also, what I did was put a knot in between each noodle, so they stay in place. Make sure you make it tight so it isnt too visible but not too tight where the noodle will slip through. Put a good space in between each noodle.


3. Now that all your noodles are in place they should look something like that last picture (4th picture, bottom right corner, above)

Now to finish it off, just do a simple loop knot and burn off the ends to seal it. This will prevent the Chinese knotting cord from fraying.


and voila! You are done. Pair it up with a bunch of other simple bracelets and you’re set!


Hope this was a simple tutorial and remember you can always make more in different colored Chinese knotting cords and pair them altogether to make it really pretty!

cap’d out….Em 😉

DIY – Summer Fashion

Summer is around the corner but fashion has already started…like since Christmas.  I love how there are so many new trends from head to toe – chiffon, bright-colored skinny jeans, prints, boyfriend tees etc.

But what about making your own fashion?  Check out some pretty neat DIY fashion from your old wardrobe

(click on the links to find more on how to make them yourself)

denim workshirt cut-out diy

You can make your denim work shirts stylish and sexy (Denim Therapy)


An old shirt can be transformed into a pretty sleeveless top with a cute collar (micheleng.com)

love patch

Do you have a hole in your favorite sweater? Perfect project  turn it into a love patch! (pierogipicnic)

And turning any pants back pocket into lace (Heidi-and-seek)

These are a few that I’ve seen as DIYs on your something old to turn into something new.

Hope I gave you some ideas. I hope to see some of your DIY projects 🙂

Awesome Instagram DIY Projects

Everyone by now must have Instagram and use it on a regular basis from snapping memories of you loved ones or a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

Here are some of my own favorite Instagram photos…


Recently Updated

But what happens after you snap that picture and post it? What do you do?

Now if you’re like me where you’re a very, VERY sentimental person and want to cherish everything – here are some clever ideas that I came across and wanted to share them with you. I would love to do these as well…hopefully soon.

Here are some that I found cute and interesting. I’ve also posted their website so you can check them out and follow their step by step instructions.



Instagram Coasters (Little Miss Mama) 

These are super cute! These are great presents to yourself and to others


Instagram Wall (A Beautiful Mess)

Now this is pretty neat! She shows how to line it up and make it look perfect 🙂


photo 5

Instagram Photostrips (CollegePrepster on BlogHer) 

I love photo booths and these are homemade. Who wouldn’t want to do these


Instagram Mini Canvases (WhimseyBox)

Canvases are always nice to have as home decor now you can personalize it and have it as your office desk decor

instagram magnet diy title

Instagram Magnets (SecondHand Sundays)

You can freshen up your fridge any way you please. No more dull magnets!!

If you have any cool ideas, I’d love to hear about them 🙂


Mug Smug

I’ve been meaning to buy a mug for my husband and myself for the longest time now but haven’t quite pushed myself to buy one.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen many mugs that are beautiful and have their own personalities to it but the price is also “nice.”   So, to buy one mug it’ll cost me $14.99 plus tax and to get two is double that. Now, I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t have that kind of money to throw away for mugs.

Therefore, I looked up some DIY mugs and there are a lot!!! I personally love the chalk based ones and the metallic pens.

Most of them are pretty simple supplies that you may have lying around

  • mug (can be a simple white or colored one)
  • Sharpies (all types of colors)
  • Metallic sharpies are pretty
  • Spray on Chalk (you can find these in crafts stores like Michael’s or I’m sure home Hardware stores)
  • Acrylic paint

Here are some that I’ve found that I would like to try once I get these supplies myself. Let me know which one you like or share your ideas as well. I’d like to see some interesting and unique ones 🙂

(Click on each picture to be re-directed to the original posts where you are able to get the step-by-step instructions)


 DIY chalkboard mugs1diy99mug6mug2

***(Pls. note these pictures were searched online and I do not own these pictures. This is for sharing and enjoyment purposes only)