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Time To Crack the Whip!

Oh my!!!

Have I really neglected to write for the past 9 months? Where the heck has my mind wandered?

Oh yea….off maternity leave and back to work. This is what happens when you become an adult. Work, work, work.

My sister in law asked me today what my blog site was and that just threw a brick my way. I completely went away from my blog. I went back to look over the posts I wrote and said to myself…I really need to get back.

Now a days, everyone is so into their technologies and texting and blah blah blah blah – that no one knows how to speak proper english anymore. Mind you even write a proper sentence with the proper spelling.

I am going to promise myself to blog more often. No matter if I have an audience or not. This is for me. (For you… if you’re here to be entertained – a bonus!)

I’ll be blogging as much as I can handle it. Will juggle between two jobs and two kiddies. But I will definitely blog at least once a week…hopefully two *crosses fingers*

This one’s back!

Oh yea….Happy Easter (2013), Happy Victoria Day (2013), Happy Canada Day (2013), Happy Halloween  (2013), Happy Turkey Day (2013), Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (2013) -All belated!! Lol

NOW…let’s start this right 😉

Cap’d out …Em