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PayPal Fraud

So, I get a reply on an item that I am selling on Kijiji from someone who seems to be interested in purchasing it.  She suggests Paypal, so I think hmmmm….seems good. Until I start reading what I get in an email….the location, the amount of money she supposedly is transferring and the request for me to go to a store to send money! To send MONEY!?!?! I mean, isn’t that why we are going through Paypal in the first place?

Well, in the end I tell her off…sorry to say but, I was pissed. Someone trying to play ME a fool! I know you’d probably do the same…so here is how it went.

First a Text Message…..

“ I will like to know if this Aline Wedding Dress is still available for sale and in good condition? If yes email me at pamelahayden30@outlook.com, I will be waiting to read back from you, regards.”

So, here we are introduced to “Pamela,” ok Pamela….nice to meet you right? Then I reply……and this is how the conversation went.

Me: Yes it’s in Great condition. I’ve already dry cleaned it and packaged in a special storing box specifically for wedding dresses

Pamela: Whats your final price?

Me: I’m looking at $1050 but its negotiable. What are you looking at and we can negotiate on it.

Pamela: Im okay with the price and condition , is this email also your PayPal email ? Let me know asap so i can arrange the payment through PayPal. my shipper will be coming to pick it up as soon as the payment clears into your account . Reply soon

(MY FIRST SUSPICION – Really? No negotiations, no haggles, no 1 million questions?)

Me: Yes it is the same email on PayPal

Pamela: Good i will email you once am done with the payment. Regards.

(MY SECOND SUSPICION – Payment already!? So, quick)

Me: When are you planning on having someone pick it up?

Pamela: Once the funds has been transferred my shipper will be coming to pick it up,i will email you once am done with the payment. Regards.

Me: Did you want me to wrap it up for shipping because it’s only in the storage box

Pamela: Yes you can wrap it up so it can be easier for my shipper to come and pick it up.
Pamela hayden

Me:  Sorry quick question. Where is it being shipped to…..do i need your address on it?

Pamela: I live in Alberta but due to the nature of job am currently out of town,you don’t need address for the shipping,my shipper will come and pick it up.

Pamela hayden

(MY THIRD SUSPICION – Alberta…you’ll read why ……)

At this point, I call Paypal to ask a few questions as I haven’t used my Paypal account for receiving Payment. I ask if I receive funds will it show right away in my account or an email? And they said I would get both…. I wait about 30 mins and receive an email.

Pamela: I just completed the payment via PayPal, a total of $1,750 was sent,$1,050 for the merchandise and the extra $650 for the shipper’s charges, which you will be sending to the address below via money gram and the extra $50 for the money gram charges,

Name: Sharon Kent.

Address:150,Stevenage  Road London


Zip code: E62AU,

Country: United Kingdom.

My shipper would be coming around to your area to have the merchandise picked up once you have sent the shipping charges fee to them,as i need you to let me know what time you want them to come.

I will be waiting to hear from you once the money has been sent to my shipper.You should check your PayPal email inbox or Junk folder for the notification mail from PayPal.

Thanks for the business.

Me: OK Thanks!


Now a couple of things I found completely wrong in this email.

Didn’t she say her name was “Pamela Hayden”?

Didn’t she mention that since she works in “Alberta” she would have to send a shipper? Then why is it being sent all the way to London, United Kingdom?

Why should I check my junk mail? Paypal is known worldwide and they  are recognized on Hotmail or any other email softwares?

After I sent my “thanks” to her the email I got from “Paypal” …..

“You have received a Paypal Payment of $1,750.00 CAD from Pamela Hayden (Pamelahayden30@outlook.com)

A temporary hold has been placed on this transaction!


As mentioned in the receipt of Payment and as per New Pay Pal policy, we have fully debited the total amount (above) from the buyer’s account which includes the buyer’s shipper’s pick up fees.

In order to complete this transaction and get the funds approved in your account. You are to send $650.00 to the shipping company through a Money Gram Outlet, and notify our customer care service with a  scanned copy of the money gram receipt (it should be send in JPG format)

NOTE: This is important as a security measure to ensure safety of this transaction.

Please, find below the name and address of the shipping company’s agent whom you are to send the funds would be sent via Money Gram Money Transfer.

Name: Sharon Kent

Address: 150, Stevenage Road London

City:/state: London,

Zip code: E62AU,

Country: United Kingdom

And another email following it …

Regarding your transaction with Pamela Hayden. The funds will reflect in your PayPal account as soon as the money gram information is received from you. We want to notify you that a payment of CAD $1,750.00 has been deposited into our database by Pamela Hayden and is ready to be credited into your account, the Money was sent through the Service Option Secure Payment making this transaction to be protected with adequate security measures for you to be able to receive the funds.

So, all you have to do now is to proceed to send the CAD $650.00 through money gram Money Transfer to the confirmed shipping agent address and make sure you contact us with the Necessary money gram details so that we can verify it and then credit your account.  You can send it at any money gram Local Outlet, it’s not compulsory you have an account with money gram before sending funds. We’ll include the money gram when crediting your account. Get it done asap.

You are required to send the money gram information to us as stated below if you don’t have a scanner:

Sender’s Name;

Receiver’s Name;

Reference Number;

Amount Set:

We assure you that this is a safe and approved transaction and your account will be credited immediately we verify the money gram details. You can contact us anytime if you have any question(s) about this transaction.  We want you to understand that the money payment can’t be reversed nor can it be canceled or split, so we assure you that you are 100% SECURED doing this transaction.

Once again be rest assured that you will have the funds, Once the Money Gram Information is received from you for verification.



The PayPal Team

Now I don’t know about you but I read A LOT of “rest assure” “safe” and got a lot of “do it now” BS in there.

The email itself looked legit. They had the logos, the security things at the bottom, even the email address stated customersupport@paypal.com

But after carefully reading everything…..ESPECIALLY them asking ME to go and transfer $650 to “Sharon”…..like who the hell sends more then what was asked for? Really?!

I go and call Paypal and as soon as I said email and money gram, she immediately said that it was a fake email. She quickly told me to forward her the emails and delete all the so called “payPal” emails out of my account. I do so and then I get an email from our little friend “Pamela.”

Pamela: Didn’t you receive the confirmation that the status is pending because they are awaiting some details of Money Gram from you. The money will not get credited in your account after you’ve replied back to the confirmation email you received from paypal by sending the Reference number of the $650 that is to be send to my pick up agent so that they can come for the pick up. If you have gone through the email you received from Paypal very well regarding the payment I made. You must have been notified about all this earlier,check your inbox or junk folder properly Paypal must have gotten back to you.

Respond Soon

She sounds a bit  pushy doesn’t she? She thinks she’s got it in the bag and will be getting a big FAT $650.00 in her name…so I respond….


Me: Yes I received it!

I’m thinking of going to Money mart but it would have to be when I have someone to drive me.

Please give me a couple hours. It should be there.  So, the money gram should be under your name, and to make a copy of the transfer in JPEG. Ok got it but give me a couple of hours to do that.

So I’ll pack the dress and wrap it up and will let you know as soon as I deposit the money, copy the receipt and I will make a day and time when the shipper will come by.

Thanks again!


The name is under “SUK MAH DIK” or “GO FUK YOSEF”

Thanks for the interest though, but I’ve sold it to someone else 🙂

Have a good day!

Now I didn’t want to offend anyone but…I think she deserved that lol.

So, just a warning to you guys….be careful about dealing with these people of Kijiji or wherever. When it comes to YOUR money be protective. Jerks like these don’t deserve to be around. Good thing I played her back. Like common!!! I needed to do that. Lol….she thought she was getting it. Oh yeah she got it BIG time.

BTW….She’ never responded back 😉

Have a good day guys,